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Summer Flowering Bulbs and Tubers

Summer Flowering Bulbs and Tubers

Summer Flowering Bulbs and Tubers

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Summer Flowering Bulbs for Sale Online | Dutch Bulbs

Buy summer flowering bulbs from Dutch Bulbs across our vast range of quality bulbs that bloom all summer for a stunning rainbow of colors and flower forms.

Summer Flowering Bulbs

Nothing brightens up summer than a beautiful garden display of fresh bulbs with tasteful hanging baskets. Summer bulb flowers are a great way to add up detail to your garden. At Dutch Bulbs, you get a chance to enjoy a wide assortment of summer flowering bulbs ranging from Asiatic Lily, Begonia, Caladium, Calla Lily, and Canna Lily among many other types. 

A quick analysis of most summer bulbs will have you notice that they have a tropical origin and henceforth thrive in warmer conditions. Gardeners need to have an understanding of this information for them to rear healthy plants. 

Various methods exist on how each aspiring gardener can plant their summer-blooming bulbs: it could be in beds, containers, pots, or hanging baskets. At our store, we offer a variety of summer flowering bulbs for sale.

The Best Summer-Blooming Bulbs and How to Choose

If you find it a very hard task to choose which summer plants to choose for your garden, then here is some inspiration that can work a great deal to make sure that your garden stands out among many. 

If it looks a little bit tough, then right below is a simplified guide to summer flower bulbs.

  • Allium
    It can also be termed ornamental onions. They are very attractive flowers that come in different ranges and colors from blue, purple white, and yellow. They provide a very stunning exterior guise and can also be trimmed nicely into banquettes and kept inside.
  • Dahlia
    They provide a spectacular color during summer and are always a garden must-have flower. They are Mexican and Central American natives. They come in different colors and sizes hence it is very possible to blend colors in your garden.
  • Oriental lilies
    These flowers thrive in summer and their fragrance is on another level ushering in the season softly. They are most known and liked by many and are always presented in bouquets. When you receive lilies in your bouquet, you always make a statement.

Where to Plant Summer Flowering Bulbs

Summer flowers are supposed to bloom and bring color during the summer, however, the big question is, when should you plant them? 

Summer bulb flowers are planted during spring when the soil and temperatures are getting warmer. Garden flower bulbs originate from warm climates and therefore need a minimum temperature of about 13 degrees to start germinating. 

If you are having a hard time remembering when you should plant your garden bulbs, do it at the same time you plant your tomatoes outside.

Where to Plant My Bulb Flowering Plants

To increase the chances of survival of your summer perennial bulbs, plant them almost immediately after being plucked. Extending time might turn out to be very harmful and affect the growth of your buds. Some of the places one can plant their bulbs include:

  • Containers
    Most flowering bulbs are tolerant with this type of method, but it is greatly suitable for those flowery and large plants including lilies, tulips, and alliums among many others. For better results, planting in containers highly depends on the time the buds are going to spend in the container. Bulbs that are going to only last for a season require 3 parts of multipurpose compost and one part of grit. For those that are going to last for many seasons, use 3 parts of John Innes and 2 parts of compost with one portion of grit.
  • Planting in borders
    When you decide that you are going to plant in borders, aim at planting a variety of bulbs to bring out that gorgeous exterior look. Prepare a wide and deep hole which should be at least three times the depth of the seed. The intervals also should be at least the size of the bud. This way, your plants have a surety of sprouting.

Which Summer Perennial Bulbs Do Best in Pots?

When considering planting them in pots, see to it that it has enough holes, raise the pot, and ensure that the bottom is open or cracked. All these are to increase drainage in the plant. Perennial bulbs that bloom all summer and do well in pots include tulips, burrs purple, golden bells, grape hyacinths, snowdrops, and Edwards among many.

When to Plant Summer Bulbs That Bloom All Summer

Perennial bulbs that bloom in summer thrive during warm conditions. If you live in one of those areas where the soil freezes, then it is advisable to put a hold on your planting prospects until the climatic conditions prove favorable. The tight time to put your summer bulbs to the ground is when the soil has warmed up to 50 F. Following a calendar may turn out unworkable as seasons may fluctuate differently and tamper with the pattern of the seasons. It is for this reason that this mode is preferred.

How to Grow Summer Flowering Bulbs: Care and Upkeep

Conduct a regular watering of the bulbs but ensure that you make it at intervals to avoid the ground to soak. Weeding should be done regularly to keep the plants weed-free. Supplementary fertilizer is mandatory for better results.


How can I store summer flowering bulbs over winter?

Let them dry, then store them in a cool and dry place with temperatures ranging between 45-50 degrees F.

How can I improve the quality of my soil?

The quality of the soil can be improved by adding compost, shredded leaves, or other organic matter. This ensures that the ground remains highly nutritious with elements that can boost the growth of these buds.

Is planting bulbs in pots advisable?

Yes, it is highly advisable. The only thing you have to do is to adhere to precautions. Make sure that the drainage system in the entire plant is intact. You can achieve this by raising the plant, draining holes, and ensuring that the bottom part is cracked a little bit.

When can I plant summer bulbs?

The perfect stretch to start embedding your summer bulb is typically around mid-March when the weather is a bit warmer. With a little onward preparation, superb displays can effortlessly be formed.

What are the good bulb planting depths?

Different plants have different methods that can be used. But the general guideline that can be adopted while planting bulbs is that the depth should be three times the length of the bulb.

When do summer bulbs flower?

Different flowers display different characteristics and as a result, flowering highly depends on the particular flower. But generally, they will start flowering across the summer period.

Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Summer Flowering Bulbs and Tubers

Where Is the Best Place to Plant Summer Flowering Bulbs?

To colour your summer with the bulbs that bloom at this time, you need to plant them in warm soil that does not retain water to avoid rotting. You can plant them along the borders or anywhere else in partial shades or full sun. The summer flowering bulbs do well in winter hardiness zones 2-11.

Can I Plant Bulbs in the Summer?

These bulbs require approximately 2 weeks to start blooming, and when the frost begins setting, they die. So, the best time to plant the summer flowering bulbs is mid or late spring. If you grow them during summer, you may not enjoy their blossoming before the ground freezes.

What Month Do You Plant Summer Bulbs?

Since timing is key when planting summer flowering bulbs, you can plant them any time from March to May. These months are ideal if you want to enjoy the continuous blooming of your flowers throughout the season. They also get enough time to store nutrients to survive when the ground freezes.

What Kind of Summer Flowering Bulbs Are Popular?

If you want your garden not to look off when the flowers are gracing other gardeners during the season, you need to opt for the most popular summer flowering bulbs. You can choose from the following list;