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Amaryllis and Hippeastrum Bulbs

Amaryllis and Hippeastrum Bulbs

Amaryllis and Hippeastrum Bulbs

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Amaryllis Bulbs for Sale Online| Dutch Bulbs

Shop Amaryllis bulbs from Dutch Bulbs across our extensive range of quality bulk Amaryllis bulbs for a stunning rainbow of colors and flower forms.

Amaryllis Bulbs

Would you like to brighten up your home during the dark winter? Amaryllis flowers might be the perfect choice you should consider. Like tulips and other winter flowers, they begin as a bulb usually sold as a kit containing also a pot. When grown, it can produce a wide range of beautiful colors. But you can mostly find Amaryllis in white with red veins. 


Amaryllis bulbs, just like Hippeastrum bulbs, are spring-blooming plants that start to bear flowers within late winter and mid-spring. But these plants are mostly forced to thrive in winters, especially during winter holidays. 

At Dutch Bulbs, we provide a wide array of selective breeding of Dutch Amaryllis bulbs for sale, ranging from orange, green, and yellow, among other multiple colors. 


The Best Dutch Amaryllis Bulbs and How to Choose

Dutch Amaryllis bulbs come in a wide variety, so you may wonder whether there is any difference between them. The truth is there is much difference. The size, origin, and variety are all factors that determine the price of Amaryllis bulbs. 

Realistically, the larger the bulbs, the more flowers produced. So, if you are seeking beautiful blooms, buy Amaryllis bulbs online in a large size. 

ii. Variety

There are wide varieties of Amaryllis flowers for sale, and each of them has its unique characteristics. For instance, the Nymph series produces larger blooms regardless of the short stem. 

iii. The origin

Bulk Amaryllis bulbs are produced in Brazil, Holland, and Israel. Dutch Amaryllis thrives well in a temperature-controlled greenhouse to ensure a healthy uniformity. Although it is pretty hard to predict how quickly they grow, non-Dutch bulbs commonly take 5-7 weeks before they come out of dormancy. Dutch bulbs take about 8-12 weeks to bloom. 


Where to Plant Amaryllis Bulbs

There are two preferred ways to plant Amaryllis bulbs.

Planting in containers
Containers make a case for the best ways of planting indoor plants. And thankfully, Amaryllis does great in a traditional pot. Generally, for a single bulb, you need a pot measuring about 6-7 inches. If you are planning to plant 2-3 bulbs, a container measuring 10-12 inches can do a better job. Do not plant it in soggy soils, as this will damage them. About six hours after heavy rain and you still notice water puddles, consider changing the location. 

Amaryllis can also thrive well in water alone in a glass container. But you need to change the water once it starts getting cloudy. Also, maintain the water level in the root-submerging areas. 

In landscape beds
If you are residing in the Southern hemisphere, you can buy Amaryllis bulbs online and plant them in your landscape space. Late September is the perfect time to plant Amaryllis in your flower garden. 

Planting Amaryllis in landscape beds doesn't come without a catch. You need to maintain about 12 inches of spacing between one bulb and another for healthy growth. 


Which Bulbs Do Best in Pots?

Amaryllis bulbs for sale are an ideal houseplant, especially popular in small apartments where space is an issue. You often see them in offices, hospitals, and homes with high natural lights. Like many indoor plants, a wide variety thrives excellently in well-maintained pots. A few of the favorites that can tolerate growth in containers may include Athene, cherry, nymph, clown, Marilyn, and Hercules.


When to Plant Bulbs

The best time to plant Hippeastrum bulbs is after the spring frost has passed. This is especially true if you are residing in areas affected by heavy frosting. However, you can grow it indoors anytime. They are easy to bloom in a drought environment. Its USDA hardiness zones range from 9 to 11. 


How to Grow Bulk Amaryllis Bulbs: Care and Upkeep

One of their advantages is that you can plant them directly into the soil. Grow them in a way that the necks are a bit over the soil if you don't live in frosty regions. If you experience frost, it is recommended to plant the necks about 5 inches deep. Also, you will want to add 5 inches of mulch. 


Once your plants start producing leaves, you should begin fertilizing them. At least once every month. Eliminate the stems when your Amaryllis has finished flowering and preserve the leaves. 

To keep flowers growing evenly, regular care is needed. Amaryllis thrives well where direct sunlight is optimal. If you are growing them indoors, don't leave the pot untouched. Otherwise, your flowers will perish. So, ensure you rotate the pot once in a while for healthy growth. 


How can I store Amaryllis over winter?

Store your Hippeastrum bulbs in a cool, dry, and dark environment with a temperature range of 50-55 degrees Fahrenheit. Anywhere between 4-12 weeks. Amaryllis in winter can go dormant. So, there is no need for water. 


How to plant Amaryllis bulbs?

Just plant it in a well-draining pot, water it regularly, and provide enough sunlight. You can use a support stick to keep the plant upright. Most of these plants will start blooming from week 4-8, but others can extend to 12 weeks. 


When to plant Amaryllis bulbs?

Always plant the Amaryllis bulbs when the temperature is 70 degrees Fahrenheit in late spring. Also, check the frost dates, as this will help you know the right time to plant it. 


When do Amaryllis bulbs sprout?

Once the flowers are spent, stalks removed, and with enough fertilizer and sunlight, your plant will start to bloom. 


How long do Amaryllis bulbs take to grow?

Most varieties take about 4-8 weeks to bloom after planting. But some can take as long as 12 weeks. 


In what growing condition does Amaryllis grow well?

It prefers growing in sunlight. But it can also thrive well under shades. Too much direct sunlight can damage the plant. And too much shadow can also impact the flowering negatively. 


Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Amaryllis and Hippeastrum Bulbs

How do you care for amaryllis?

Water enough to keep the soil moist, and avoid wetting the portion of the bulb that is above the soil. Feed your amaryllis with Miracle-Gro® Indoor Plant Food every 7-14 days to promote reblooming. Keep your amaryllis in the sunniest spot you can find in your house. More sun will mean bigger blooms later.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Amaryllis?

The best place to buy your amaryllis plants and bulbs is where you are not limited by the variety you can choose from, and when you want it. The store can be online or offline, and it should have a reputation for providing quality products to its clients.

What Kinds of Amaryllis Are Popular?

Amaryllis can be categorized as indoor and outdoor room plants. Among these categories, the most popular ones are the amaryllis belladonna, giant amaryllis, wax amaryllis, and the Christmas amaryllis. You can choose from one or several of these categories, of course, depending on your unique specifications.