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Iris Perennials Bare-Root Plants

Iris Perennials Bare-Root Plants

Iris Perennials Bare-Root Plants

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Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Iris Perennials Bare-Root Plants

When to plant perennial iris?

The optimal time for planting irises is late summer, in August. But in practice, irises are reproduced and replanted either during flowering or immediately after its completion (within a month). Most of all, they do not like excesses: an excess of organic fertilizers and waterlogging of the soil can destroy them.

Do perennial irises need full sun?

Irises are light-requiring. But they can bloom under a tree, especially in the southern regions. They love the sun, moisture, and well-heated, fertile, loose soil. Check these varieties to adorn your garden: Iris Germanica and different Iris Bulbs. They will look great in any part of the garden.

How to care for perennial iris?

Various Iris species require care. In autumn, yellow leaves with brown spots must be removed. In exotic species, the leaves are cut to half the length. In late autumn, heat-loving varieties are sheltered. In early spring, hurry to take off the cover. If you want to have more perennials, check peonies, crocosmias, and hostas.

What kind of irises are popular?

There are many types and varieties of irises, it is impossible to list them all in one article. Therefore, let’s pay attention to the most popular ones. These are Iris Hollandica, Iris Danfordiae, Iris Reticulata, and Iris Katharine. Anyone will choose something according to one’s liking.