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Spring Flowering Bulbs and Tubers

Spring Flowering Bulbs and Tubers

Spring Flowering Bulbs and Tubers

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Spring Flowering Bulbs for Sale Online | Dutch Bulbs

Buy spring-flowering bulbs from Dutch Bulbs across our extensive range of quality spring bulb plants for a stunning rainbow of colors and flower forms.

Spring Flowering Bulbs

After waiting the whole winter for the cold and frost to warm up, a bunch of spring-blooming flower bulbs becomes an affable sight. They grow in the fall and throughout winter and slowly take root in the soil and bloom in the spring. Starting early preparations for the planting time promises desired results to come at the end of the cold season. For a smooth seasonal transition and easy work on your part, Dutch Bulbs carefully avails a whole selection of spring-flowering bulbs at your disposal to help you.

With the increasing uncertainty concerning climate, it is better to prepare fully your armor of pots, containers, tubers, and bulbs along with your gardening skills for a spectacular view come that time.

How to Plan Garden Spring Bulbs

The sight of these flowers remains imprinted in your mind for a long time as the display goes on throughout the season. It is that spectacular. You can prepare your planting in various ways, including garden flowerbeds in your yard. Check out some of the techniques for executing a drool-worthy spring flower garden.

  • Choosing color palette
    Same as you would pick out colors for designing your house décor, choosing the right selection of colors is a crucial matter if you want to create an impressionable garden. For instance, pink goes well with the colors purple, lavender, and white, while on the other hand, sky blue complements cobalt, red, pink, and navy. You can create an exotic garden or soothing mood through spring garden bulbs' color combinations for your home.
  • Planting arrangement
    Planting garden flowers goes like planting any kind of plant. A gardener has to follow a certain order or risk jumbled-up flowers with no consistency. Plants that grow taller need to come after the smaller bulbs. 
  • Mix both spring perennial bulbs and annual
    Did you know that Scilla, Alliums, Daffodils, and most spring bulbs multiply in number and bloom once more the following spring? Well, they do. Besides, plants like tulips can grow repeatedly for several years without dying when properly cared for. When planning a spring garden, it is necessary to have a combination of both annuals and perennials to keep your garden flourishing. Do not forget to include the flowers that bloom during different times of the season.

Planting Spring Blooming Bulbs: When and How

It is highly recommended to wait for the planting time before beginning the process to avoid unnecessary losses. Depending on the location or the type of spring bulb, you can plant from late August or early September through December to start developing before the winter in preparation for blooming. 

Planting from 6 to 8 weeks before the soil begins to freeze is ideal and most spring-blooming bulbs must be chilled before they are planted. Moreover, most spring-blooming bulbs can be planted late into December and still bloom well, as long as the soil isn’t frozen and is not waterlogged. Organic manure and mulching come in handy in keeping the moisture and warmth and as a gardener, you can always consider other options like potting.

How to Store and Preserve Spring Bulbs

Unlike others, most spring bulbs dry up; undergo dusting with fungicide powder before they go to storage in cool, dry places. Yet, digging up annual and spring perennial bulbs like daffodils and tulips is not necessary unless you find that they disappear during winter or get carried off.

Dig the bulbs after the foliage is dry, shake the excess dirt and you can trim the extra foliage. Leave them to dry for some time, say a few days, then put them on paper in a cardboard box for safekeeping. A garage or refrigerator is an ideal place to store the bulbs in cool, dark spots. Your bulbs are ready to go back to the soil in spring for another season of bloom.

When to Find Spring Bulbs for Sale

Depending on the type you want to plant, you can buy them anytime, even in summer. As the saying goes, first come, first served, you might think you are waiting for the opportune time and miss the opportunity of securing spring bulbs for sale of your preference. Have we mentioned that you can store them in the refrigerator and plant them come spring? Yes, you can! It will be much better than finding them out of stock. If you have doubts about bulb safety order, get spring flower bulbs for sale in August to keep you set for planting in fall.

How to Plant Spring Bulb Plants

Just like any plant or flower, planting spring-flowering bulbs involves the same detailed process. First, learn what spring bulb you want to grow and then learn how to plant it. Consider the following tips.

  • Soil preparation
    Test the soil pH levels, uproot weeds, and break up any clumps. Above all, make sure the soil has enough fertilizer, you can also add compost manure. Dig holes that are deeper than the height of the bulbs, then plant making sure the roots point down, and then add compost manure on top.
  • Location
    Consider planting near areas where perennial spring-blooming bulbs might appear or on beds and walkways to create views around the yard. Go for places with good drainage, and enough daily sunlight of at least six hours a day while creating enough room for the budding flowers.


How can I grow spring bulbs in containers?

For amazing views, grow them in full sun to part shade, ensure the soil is moist, not wet or dry, and remove extra plants to create more room for the flowers to thrive better. Another important thing is to cover the top of the container with a wire mesh and protect the pots from harsh cold temperatures.

Where to plant spring bulbs to grow faster?

Planting bulbs happens at any time and they will still grow as fast. Consider September for zone 2-3, October for zones 4-5, November for zones 6-7, and December for zone 8.

How to prepare beds for garden spring bulbs?

Begin the preparation by defining the outline of the bed in the fall, and pruning existing weeds and vegetation. Using a shovel, turn the bed over to expose the weeds previously buried. After turning over the soil, spread a layer of organic matter or compost over the bed. Turn the soil over again to mix the compost into the soil to add extra nutrients. Once you have planted your bulbs, add a layer of compost manure.

Which spring plants grow faster?

Almost all spring bulbs grow faster, depending on when you have planted them. The only difference is they bloom during different times of the season. Some bulbs that bloom earlier are Snowdrops, Daffodils, Crocus, Tulips, and Iris.