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Crocus Bulbs

Crocus Bulbs

Crocus Bulbs

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Crocus Bulbs for Sale Online | Dutch Bulbs

Buy Crocus bulbs from Dutch Bulbs across our extensive range of bulk Crocus bulbs for a stunning rainbow of colors and flower forms.

Crocus Bulbs

Spring comes with a lot to expect; soothing sounds of birds, the smell of fresh-cut grass, and crocus bloom emerging from the ground meaning you’ll definitely need to shop for crocus bulbs. They are one of the best spring heralds that many people have turned their heads to, but why? For one, crocuses are easy to grow. And for the second, they are resistant to clitters. 

With less than five inches in height, they are perennial flowering plants with grass-like leaves. Crocus bulbs come almost in all colors and fragrances. At Dutch bulbs, you can be sure to buy crocus bulbs in bulk that suit you. 

The best time to plant them is fall as winter-blooming flowers. But sometimes they can come up before the snow finishes melting. 

How to Choose Crocus Plants for Sale

There are bulk crocus bulbs available in different varieties. But here are the common crocus bulbs for sale. 

  • Crocus vernus
    Also known as flower record, this flower comes up in spring to early summer and contains pale color. 
  • Crocus Pickwick
    Defined by pale and deep lilac hues, this type offers a stunning dark purple base. In most cases, you will find them blooming in spring to early summer. 
  • Crocus Tricolor
    As the name suggests, it comes with three bands of yellow, white, and lilac petals. The mature plants grow up to 3 inches in height. 
  • Crocus Grand Maitre
    It offers a deep purple color. This type can make a perfect display when planted in smaller crumps. It is one of the most inexpensive choices that will flower during spring, especially from March to May. It measures about 8-10cm. 
  • Crocus miss vain
    Also called scotch crocus, this type features white flowers with orange-yellow anthers. The plant looks gorgeous in large sweeping drifts. Its delicate blooms are perfect for naturalizing.

Where to Plant My Bulbs

As mentioned earlier, crocus bulbs can grow well in containers or garden beds. But they can also perform better in areas where the soil drains well and half-day sunlight. Crocus bulbs don't like waterlogged soils. So, change the location once you realize water paddles 5 to 6 hours of heavy rain. 

  • For containers
    If you are planning to grow your plants in a container, a large pot with an excellent drainage system is desirable. Also, you will want to fill it with quality draining soils. Dig the holes about 2-3 inches deep and grow your crocus with the pointing ends facing up. A spacing of 2-3 inches apart also is worth consideration. 
  • For outdoor landscape 
    Choose a location with well-drained soil where your plants will get complete half-day light. 

Which Bulbs Do Best In Pots

Any container with an excellent drainage system and deep enough can accommodate any type of crocus bulbs. For a one-inch bulb, using a five-inch pot is recommended. Just ensure your bulbs have at least 2 inches of soil under them. 

Some crocus plants for sale that enjoy growing in a container environment may include large flowering mix, and botanical mix, among others. 

When to Plant Bulk Crocus Bulbs

It is a good idea if you plant your crocus bulbs before the soil freezes, that is, during the fall. Your plant will start developing roots shortly after planting. If you are residing in warmer areas, your plants may start producing foliage during the fall. Expect your crocus bulbs to begin developing buds and flowers during the early spring. 

Typically, plant crocus bulbs 6-8 weeks before frost, when the soil temperature is 60 degrees Fahrenheit. And this is usually between September and October for those gardeners living in northern regions of Canada and the USA. For southern residents, plant them between October and November. 

How to Grow Crocus Bulbs for Sale: Care and Upkeep

While growing crocus bulbs requires little maintenance effort, upkeep will make them grow healthy. 

  • Use fertilizer
    Though not compulsory, fertilizers can help your plant thrive quickly and longer. During the early fall, apply the fertilizer at least once. This is especially true if you are living in a region where spring is short. If you are residing in a climate where spring runs long, apply fertilizer during late winter. 
  • Regular watering
    During active growth, watering is essential if you live in a region where the weather is dry. 
  • Use mulch
    Before winter, a layer of mulch can help your plant thrive longer. But remember to remove it in February to allow the bloom to break through the soil. 
  • Remove dead foliage
    When the foliage starts to turn yellow, remove them to allow the plant to slip into dormancy. Removing foliage can also help the plant with essential nutrients for the next season's blossoms. 

Crocus plants are prone to pests and diseases. Mice and squirrels are examples of pests that can invade your corms. If this is a problem, consider planting your plant in wire cages. And don't keep them in a moist environment. They are prone to molds and can rot. 


How to store crocus bulbs?

If you want an outrageous spring display, store your crocus bulbs in a mesh bag or paper. Even better, cover up with dried moss to cushion the bulbs. Store them in a dry environment for up to two or more months. 

How to plant crocus bulbs?

Always plant your bulb about 3-4 inches deep, with its point end facing up. Then water well, apply fertilizer, and remove foliage for a healthy plant. 

When to plant crocus bulbs?

Crocus plants for sale require a period of cold weather to grow. So, plant them during the fall as spring-blooming flowers.

When do crocus bulbs come up?

With a well-balanced fertilizer, adequate watering, and careful maintenance, expect your plant to come up late winter to early spring. 

How long do crocus bulbs take to grow?

For fall species, it takes about 6-10 weeks to mature. And for the spring types, it can take up to four months to grow.

Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Crocus Bulbs

When to Plant Crocus Bulbs?

Crocus flowers and bulbs are hardy plants in zones 3-8 and need to be planted in fall, usually between September and November.

Where to Plant Crocus Bulbs?

Crocuses bulbs need to be planted in sunny, open areas where they can naturalize and create a lovely spring meadow. Certain varieties need to be planted in moist, well drained soil with partial shade. Crocuses thrive in all areas of the garden including flower beds, in the lawn and pots

How to Plant Crocus Bulbs?

Plant crocus bulbs (corms) in groups, just 4-5 cm deep and 3-4 cm apart. Try scattering them on the planting area and then plant them where they fall. They perform equally well in containers or in garden borders and, in cool conditions. Crocuses will naturalise well to enjoy year after year.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Crocus Bulbs?

The best place to buy your crocus bulbs is where you are not limited by the variety you can choose from, and when you want it. The store can be online or offline, and it should have a reputation for providing quality products to its clients. We are among the suppliers that give satisfaction to every customer we serve. Our crocus bulbs and corms are reliable and are free from infections. Visit our website today and know more about our bulbs and why gardeners have so many good things to say about our products.