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Freesia Bulbs

Freesia Bulbs

Freesia Bulbs

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Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Freesia Bulbs

When to Plant Freesia Bulbs?

  • In warmer areas (zones 9-10) freesias bulbs can be planted outdoors in fall. 
  • In cooler areas (zone 3-6), freesias should be planted outdoors in spring.
  • The bulbs may also be planted in pots in the fall and grown in a cool greenhouse for winter flowers.
  • Choose a sunny location with well-drained, fertile soil that contains plenty of organic matter. Plant the corms pointed end up, 3 to 4 cm deep and 5 to 10 c, apart.

How to Plant and Grow Freesia Bulbs?

  • Plant Freesia bulbs 3 cm deep and 5 cm apart with the pointed ends up.
  • Cover the bulbs with soil and water thoroughly.
  • When planting freesia in containers, choose relatively tall pots.
  • Use a compost-enriched growing mix and consider adding some sand or finely crushed stone.
  • Water as needed during active growth periods.

Where is the Best Place to Buy Freesia Bulbs?

The best place to buy your freesia bulbs is where you are not limited by the variety you can choose from, and when you want it. The store can be online or offline, and it should have a reputation for providing quality products to its clients. We are among the suppliers that give satisfaction to every customer we serve. Our freesia bulbs are reliable and are free from infections. Visit our website today and know more about our bulbs and why gardeners have so many good things to say about our products.