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Peonies Plants and Bulbs

Peonies Plants and Bulbs

Peonies Plants and Bulbs

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Frequently asked questions about Spring Flowering Peonies Plants and Bulbs

Where is the Best Place to Buy Peonies?

The best place to buy peonies is where you are valued, and the provider is welcoming and happy to engage with you. Our store has a wide selection of peonies, fast delivery, professional and friendly staff. Visit us today and experience our unmatched world-class services.

Where Do Peonies Grow Best?

Peonies are resistant to harsh conditions and can thrive in zones 2-8. For better blooms, plant your flowers in full sun, a well-circulated area, and in soil that drains well. They are perfect for growing in mixed borders, as low hedges, or in the walkways lining.

How Do You Care for Peonies?

Avoid mulching your peonies irregularly. Otherwise, they fail to grow or have weak produce. Water them regularly, but do not soak them. Use compost manure and a water-soluble fertilizer to feed them often. During fall, cut the stems with a sharp knife and lift the bulbs for planting in the next season.

What Kind of Peonies Are Popular?

These perennials have numerous varieties that can be overwhelming to decide which to choose, especially if you are not well acquainted with peonies. But, if you are looking for popular types to plant in your garden, clematis, Itoh peonies, and tree peonies are your best choice.